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Bitch Slap

“Fully, man! That was a fully!” There words of one of Half Baked’s lovable characters will repeat in your ear as pairs of scenic hills cross the screen in Bitch Slap; a Russ Meyer tribute accompanied by the appropriate performances or lack there of. Ripping pages out of Guy Ritchie‘s playbook and then misreading them slightly has brought Bitch Slap part of the way to being some kind of success, but being ridiculous, silly and plentiful has brought it the rest of the way. If it were to slow down for too long, your brain might seize from the bad acting and bizarre circumstances, but thanks to rapid editing cuts and and an overactive plot that chops up it’s story into bite sized morsels like an MTV parody of a Quentin Tarantino flick it’s quite easy to digest. Cheers and beers for the comic book styled movie that teases, pleases and tittilates.

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