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Batman: International TPB

A really mundane and broad concept makes for a nice collection. In International we get three stories that each take Batman to a different place on the globe. In the Scottish story we get the longest of the tales and although it would most likely be the best of the three regardless, it also happens to feature beautiful artwork from Frank Quitely. Batman fights Killer Crock in “Barcelona” in the Mark Waid tale and then goes to China for the flashbacks in the third story, “Tao“. Like the first story, this third one is written by Alan Grant who has done his share of Bat-stories in his career. It’s a fair tradepaperback of note, collecting both old (early nineties) and new comics and has a nice cover that could be my only complaint. It’s a Jim Lee and looks very nice but is just too many shades close to the classic “Hush” images that Lee did, years ago. I don’t know, maybe that was the point.

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