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Batman Beyond #1

Amazing! Batman Beyond in comic form? Can we just take a minute to fully appreciate this? Batman Beyond was easily one of the best DC Animated/Paul Dini creations and years after the series was canceled we get new adventures on the printed page? Sweet deal chong qi cheng bao!

Even better then that is the book itself! Let’s go down the list of greatness that has bestowed upon us by the good folks at DC and writer Adam Beechen, shall we? Keep in mind, I already told you guys that this is a great book, so anything beyond (no pun intended) this point will have spoilers riddled throughout. You’ve been warned!

So starting off in the first issue we see that a prison breakout has occurred. We see an old Amanda Waller from Justice League Animated and we’re told that the person who has broken free has also brutally killed several people. Killed? Well, this is a darker book than the animated series and it sends a clear message to the readers that this is not a Johnny DC title. Smart move if you ask me seeing as the people who love Batman Beyond are no longer little kids if ever they were.

Next we see Spellbinder, one of the original villains created for the show and here mention of Inque; another series created villain. These are nice additions and an attention to detail that fans of the show appreciate. There’s talk of Two Face and the Mad Hatter, neither of which was mentioned throughout the show. So Beechen is starting off strong, giving fans everything they want; love of the show and something new we’ve never seen before.

And to that end we get to the cliffhanger of the book. Seriously, don’t read any further if you want to keep this reveal a surprise. Ready? This first story arc seems to be focused on one of Bruce’s old foes, but a new villain for Terry to face off against. Prepare yourself for Hush Beyond! …and I’m out!

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