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AVP: Three World War #2

Well its been thirty days, and that means its time for more Alien and Predator action. Can the books creators keep up the pace set by the first issue? Let’s find out shall we.

The story opens up with an aerial assault by a bunch of marines where we last saw the clan of “killer” Predators. After the marines and all their ships are dispatched by the “killers”, we catch up with Machiko Noguchi our former marine/ predator hunter and all around ass kicker on board the military Vessel Tarawa. While here we get a couple of small character moments, including a nice little reveal about a certain characters background that could play in to things latter. After discovering where Noguchi’s old clan is located, it’s time to go have a “chat” with them.

Writer Randy Stradley slows down the pace here a little bit. Giving us a quick beginning followed by a lot of exposition, he ends it nicely with two pages without dialogue that leads nicely into the next issue. All and all; a real solid effort. Though artist Rick Leonardi does his best with all the standing around and talking that takes place for the majority of the book, his art really shines with the few action sequences at the beginning and end of the book. It also should be mentioned that the painted covers by Raymond Swanland are breath taking.

So the second issue is solid, leaving us with a nice little ending that should hold enough interest to see what happens next month. So until then, hold that plasma rifle handy, cuz you never know what’s around the next corner.

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