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AVP: Three World War #1

So our friends at Dark Horse have given us a late Christmas gift. That gift being AVP: Three World War. I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge fan of both the title creatures and all their movies. Even the two AVP movies which I know weren’t very good, but both gave me things I liked that I added more depth to the creatures. Well this story is no different, with some very new (at least to me) ideas.

Written by Randy Stradley with complementing art by Rick Leonardi, the story moves at break neck speed opening with a big WTF moment, which contradicts what we know of the Predator species and their love of the hunt. Next we’re introduced to the “Ripley” character; Machiko Noguchi who’s a hard nosed former marine with a history connected to a specific clan of hunters and was last seen in AVP: War. She reluctantly reinstates in to the corps after viewing a disturbing piece of video. This is when things get interesting.

Noguchi talks of a hunter legend about Predators that were not thrilled by the hunt, but by the kill. These off shoots became known as “killers.” They also have a secret weapon that I won’t spoil for you here. After many wars the killers were thought dead, but now there back!

And that my friends is the first issue in a nut shell. It’s a cool setup with awesome possibilities. So here’s hoping things don’t jump the shark and continue on in a positive direction. See you back in 30 for more AVP action.

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