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Avengers & Infinity Gauntlet #1

Oh please! Where to start with this abortion of an idea… how about we start with the “Ultimate” books? Remember Ultimatum, the big universe shattering event that was supposed to kill off a bunch of dead weight characters and breathe new life into a dwindling imprint? Well why not make the retelling of the Infinity Gauntlet story an ultimate story? An Ultimate Gauntlet, if you will.

No, that has far too much artistic merit attached online casino to it! Instead, why don”t we just redraw the series is fewer issues for the all ages line since kids don”t that much anyway and this way we don”t actually have to think of any new and cool stories! How great to see that the comic book industry, (an industry that has for decades, been pushing the limits of the medium to help it grow and mature) has taken a page out of Hollywood”s book; let”s just REMAKE our comics! Why not? We already reboot them, right?

Whatever, if you”re a real comic fan, you”ll skip this book recognizing it for what it is; a waste of time. Read the original or read something else that”s original. Who has time for this?

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