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If we all know that the movie is about a bunch of armored truck security guards trying to heist their own trucks as evidenced in every trailer and on the back of the box, why does it take a half hour for us get there in the movie? In fact, it isn’t until the halfway mark that the movie becomes some kind of interesting. That’s not likely to fly with today’s audiences. Much of what’s in this movie are already conventions we’ve seen in other movies and there isn’t much of a new twist here either.

The cast is an eclectic group, made up of veterans like Jean Reno and Lawrence Fishburne who could do so much better, Skeet Ulrich and Matt Dillon who are good choices for a project like this and some new comers like Columbus Short. Columbus aside, few of the characters are particularly likable and that’s not helping much.

On the good side, the production value is decent and the cinematography is solid. Even though you might feel like the writers are taking pages out of Hard Rain one minute and Reservoir Dogs the next, the plot is still easy to follow and of possible interest to enthusiasts of heist films.

The problem with this movie is only that it never strays from the middle of the road. There’s nothing new or exciting here and the only excellence is in mediocrity. The DVD includes three featurettes and a commentary with director, producer and Skeet Ulrich.

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