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Area 10 HC

Vertigo Crime is a good thing! If it means more original, gritty thrillers, then I’m in! Christos N. Gage‘s serial killer capture and pursuit would be entertaining enough with the trepanning angle. With it, it becomes a very cool and undeniably engrossing adventure.

For those of you who don’t know, trepanning is the process of voluntarily drilling a hole into your skull to allow more oxygen to the brain. Although it can be done for medical reasons, some people believe that it will stimulate more creativity and imagination or on the fringe cult side, like in this book, maybe even awaken one’s third eye to possible future sight! Crazy? Maybe. But interesting? Absolutely.

Writer Gage is accompanied by Chris Samnee as a no nonsense noir master of pulp crime ink. Every page is a seemingly effortless array of black and white brushwork. He propels the story along with matter of fact renders and pools of pitch and shadow.

As I pointed out earlier, even with out the weird skull-hole thing the characters and story are solid and take us down a twisty and unpredictable road, cementing Gage’s skills to this new reader first time out. Someone needs to realize how easy it would be to turn this into a great movie. Maybe they already have an eye on it, after all, what comic property isn’t being looked at today?

Area 10 is an eleven!

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