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Nobody counts on Cthulu to ruin their trip, but sometimes you just can”t avoid it! For all intents and purposes, Kaare Andrews is a first time director. While he”s primarily known to comic fans as the artist writer behind projects like Astonishing X-Men with Warren Ellis and Spiderman Reign, his directorial debut makes him a triple threat. The film is set in the claustrophobic environment of a very small plane as five friends head off for the weekend for casino a trip. Once they”re up in the air it becomes “Cthulu on a plane” as weird, Twilight Zone stuff starts happening. Andrews knows his stuff and keeps his small budget horror movie alive in the closed environment, juggling character development and special effects and doing it well. The DVD features a commentary by Andrews and a four part documentary chronicling the making of. Sure it might not be horror movie of the year, but between Lovecraftian monsters and it”s too cool for school EC comics Vault of Horror vibe, Altitude can stand on it”s own.

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