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Age of X: Alpha One Shot

You’re probably thinking, another variant of the future mutant apocalypse? And it is a fair question, since from the Sentinels to the Purifiers, Scarlet Witch to Hope, Exiles to Cable, X fans have read about so many possible futures, it is fucking ridiculous. However, that does not mean we’re not down to give another one a try if it is a great story handled by the right personel. Mike Carey (X-Men: Legacy; Unwritten) writing, Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend (the guys responsible for the Wu-Massacre album art) doing a sick cover, and a handful of cool artists handling the interweaving stories, is in my opinion the “right personel”. This oneshot is a prelude to the meat of the story that will take place in X-Men: Legacy, New Mutants and an Age of X Universe miniseries. It sets up the reality that these X-Men inhabit and it is a future where Professor X never started the X-Men or his school and Magneto instead has become the leader of a hunted and hated mutantkind. The narrative here is handled with a “telling stories by the camp fire” approach. A few pages that establish the tone and setting sandwich four quick flashback stories. We get some background on Cyclops (called Basilisk in this reality) and Arcade in the first story, the siblings Cannonball and Husk in the second, Wolverine and Kavita Rao in the next, and the last bit of alternate history focuses on Magneto but features cameos by this reality’s Toad, Forge, Dust, Mystique and more. This comic gives you just enough info to hook you but not enough for you to really have much of an idea what is going on. There is an obvious allusion to Age of Apocalypse and that may render some clues, but until the First Chapter in X-Men: Legacy #245, I’ll keep my conjectures to myself.

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  • Reply mike

    sorry, so far this story is lame, and the premise of another dark mutant future is stale, stale, stale.

    February 23, 2011 at 1:52 pm
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