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A-Team War Stories: B.A.

As we get closer to the return of the A-team, IDW is giving us prequel stories focusing on each member of the team. This time around we get a B.A. Baracus story.

Written by Chuck Dixon and Eric Burnham with art by Casey Maloney. This story, focusing on the “bad ass” of the team has some real grit to it with Maloney’s murkier art as we follow B.A. as he goes on a black ops mission that involves lots of weapons, dealing out death and double crosses from trusted allies. But it’s the way that the story ends that really leaves a mystery as to how B.A. is pulled into the A-Team. I guess we’ll all have to wait for the film to find out.

Unlike the Hannibal story, this one (surprisingly) doesn’t have as much action, but still manages to show us how much of a bad ass, B.A. is. So though I enjoyed Hannibal’s story better, this is still a fun romp that no A-Team fan should miss.

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