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A long time ago…

Regardless of his latest films, you have to admit that at one time, George Lucas was at the top of his game, and revolutionized the way films are made today. The following film, found on is evidence that the guy has never been one for dialogue. This student film from 1966, Freiheit, is Lucas” third film, and to those unfamiliar with his early work, it about as far away from the filmmaker we all know and love (or possibly hate…) today. But don”t just take my word for Opiate withdrawal symptoms include:* Agitation* Anxiety* Muscle aches* Insomnia* Runny nose* Sweating* Abdominal cramping* Diarrhea* Goose bumps* Nausea/VomitingDuring opiate detox at home , certain medications may be used to help minimize withdrawal symptoms. it, have a watch yourself.

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