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365 Samurais and a Few Bowls of Rice

Holy Crap! Once you”ve sat down a read literally thousands of trade paperbacks and collected volumes of comics, whether or not it”s a good story, you find yourself waiting for something new and unique, fresh and exciting. Lucky for us J.P. Kalonji“s 365 Samurai is both fresh and a really well told story. From an artistic standpoint, 365 is a poetic tale of a man trying to find the meaning of life by slaughtering 365 samurai. There is very little dialogue and much of the story is told with only pictures to guide the reader along. The black and white brush work on the shapes and characters are very similar to Jeff Smith“s style which in itself is a very unusual to see in many contemporary, nay commercial comics these days. The urban feel that inspired material like Afro Samurai is here as well, giving the Asian flavor online casino canada of manga a greater crossover appeal.

What makes the book so fresh is the format to which it is printed. Slightly larger than a manga book, it”s still much smaller than your standard comic size. There are over four hundred pages, but they fly by quickly. Each page only contains one frame within which is only one image.

Not to overly simplify the contents of this book, but fans of Usagi Yojimbo and Lone Wold and Cub should give this a try.

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