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034 Ip Man Review

If you’re not a prowling bootleg enthusiast, set to scour back streets and night markets for the newest pirated copies of Asian gems, you might not know that the biggest thing out in China is Ip Man! Unless you frequent the local festival circuit, you’re not going to know what’s coming.

Donnie Yen has finally taken the centre stage with all of the power and respect we have been waiting for! This is as much a defining role for the action star as Jet Li‘s character in Once Upon A Time In China.

Treading themes and material mined previously by Bruce Lee and Jet Li in their respective films, Ip man is a historical epic about the life’s story of Bruce Lee’s sifu; Ip Man. The movie is beautiful and elegant, brutal and passionate and somehow balances it all to be the Donnie Yen movie we’ve all wanted!

Listen to our review for all the details…

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  • Reply Aaron

    I love that actor, he does a lot of cool homg kong movies.

    January 10, 2010 at 5:09 pm
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