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With such a long awaited project, James Cameron has set the bar of people’s expectation fairly high. His last movie, “Titanic” was only the top grossing movie of all time and he has never made a flop. From Terminator to the Abyss, everyone of Cameron’s films set a president for action sequences and technical wizardry.

His newest vehicle boasts not only the very best in 3D technology, but has also invented new camera equipment for it. It’s supposed to also feature completely CG characters that would make Gollum look Ms. Pacman. But the master film maker has been away for so long and everybody peaks at some time or another. Does he still have what it takes? Will he make good on all of his promises?

Good question. After seeing the movie with friends, the five of us sat down… there was much to discuss.

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  • Reply Jean

    Well, can’t seem to agree with what you write the film is high on visual but low on intelligence. in short pure thrash.

    December 23, 2009 at 2:06 pm
  • Reply Kim

    If you want to hear a lot of people complaining about the movie because you didn’t like it either, then this is the review for you! If you really liked the movie and don’t want to spend over an hour being angry with people you don’t even know, I’d recommend finding another review to listen to.

    I was very disappointed in your review, but I understand that we each see the world from a unique point of view. The only one who came close to my point of view was Mike. I kept listening through all the whining because every once and awhile Mike would pipe in on something that I could appreciate. Really? a 5.4 & 6 out of 10? Geez.
    Go get your 2D DVD copy and stop complaining about the blurry 3D effect and leave the rest of us to enjoy the 3D coolness in peace!
    I truly enjoyed all aspects of the movie and will watch it several more times and continue to enjoy and remember it as one of my favourites. There’s a reason people keep telling this story – we (as a species) obviously haven’t “gotten” it yet. I thank people like Cameron for trying to make the world a better place by telling the same old story in a way that might get a few more people to understand the difference between “white man” and “indigenous people” and the significance of cultural clashes. I felt that the movie really mirrored society as it is today – you complain about 2 dimensional characters? Lets talk about the 2 dimensional people affecting my life and the lives of the generations coming after me in the world today!

    Thanks Micheal for voicing your thoughts.

    January 17, 2010 at 11:12 am
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