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025 Top 5 Horror Babes


You might want a heavy helping of blood with your guts when you watch your horror flicks, you may wish to be psychologically diddled by the creepy and the twisted, you might even want to see a clown gang raped by a group of inbred freaks (ours is not to question why or to judge), but it is an unequivocal fact that boobs help to sell exploitation movies. That”s right I said it! Boobs! Cleavage is great, nipples are better! Sure, there are other factors to take into consideration when looking at your leading lady on screen. There”s a kick ass quotient, a brain factor, the blood curdling scream to take into account, but the babe in any particular fashion you”d like to define her as, is one of the horror movies most valuable asset.

So we sit (as we do) and discuss (again, our thing) which of all the leading ladies of the macabre make up our top 5 choices for Horror babe this year. Sure we had to leave many out, but we have some almosts to talk about and a couple rookies in the making that we shine a light on. So really with all the names we”re dropping we talk about twenty or so, but our list of 5 is hard to fight. You might agree with all of our choices, maybe you”d prefer someone else in that particular spot, but you can”t argue their horror babe quotient.

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