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021 Red Cliff 2 Review


Months ago, Sean Yang and I sat down to discuss the second part of John Woo“s Three kingdoms epic. Now on the eve of the release of the North American edit into theatres, it seems like the right time to unleash this review.We hold nothing back in our criticism or our praise, so you”ll get, as always a very frank analysis of the film.

Further than an appraisal of the film itself, we also discuss some of the other Hong Kong epics that have come out in recent years. We touch on Hero, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers among others.

So keep in mind that next month casino online when Red Cliff is released into theatres it will be a North American edit that combines both films into one and this review is only for the Hong Kong cut of the second movie. Look for Red Cliff in theatres on November 13th.

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