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020 Michael Jai White Interview


So you’ve already checked out the trailer for Black Dynamite on the site, but we’re so excited about the movie that we couldn’t just give you one interview. No, we’ve excelled ourselves here people and we’ll be giving you no less than three interviews! You heard right, jive ass turkeys! The first is an exclusive on Fancore with the star, the man himself Mr. Black Dynamite; Michael Jai White! As if that weren’t cool enough, we’ve got some Q & A with director Scott Sanders below and further beneath that, there’s a video clip that features interviews with White, Arsenio Hall, Scott Sanders and Tommy Davidson! Now it may not be recorded in Cinemaphonic Quadrovision, but it’s still out of sight!

In the first interview, we’ll not just touch on Black Dynamite but on other aspects of Michael Jai White‘s career as well. As exciting as Black Dynamite is, you just may want to check out some of the other stuff he’s been doing lately. Aside from Undisputed 2, Blood and Bone and Why Did I Get Married Too, Michael also has the upcoming “3 Bullets” costarring Bokeem Woodbine coming out. Hitting theaters on October 16th, you won’t want to miss out on Black Dynamite. Movies like this don’t come out too often!

Interview With Director Scott Sanders:

Q: What is the genesis of this project and how did BLACK DYNAMITE come to be?

I approached Michael Jai White about doing another script I wrote.  While we were talking about that, he showed me some photographs he had taken of himself in ‘70s clothing, an afro wig, mustache, and holding a gun and nunchucks…. That picture is still our logo today.

It all seemed so obvious at that moment that this was the film to do as soon as possible.  We worked together, along with my friend and editor Adrian Younge, to cut a promotional trailer.  On the basis of this trailer, we attracted my friend and one of the producers from Thick as Thieves, Jon Steingart.  He raised the money, and Black Dynamite was born.

Q: Can you discuss the visual style of the film?

I wanted to make the movie look old, but I wanted it to look like we had a pristine print of an old movie.  That means no fake scratches or digitally generated retro deterioration.

My cinematographer Shawn Maurer tested a Super 16 Color Reversal Kodak film stock, and I was blown away.  It was high contrast, and super saturated, and it gave us a very organic, older look.  The downside was that there isn’t any latitude in terms under or over-exposure… it’s very unforgiving, and people rarely shoot with it… but the results were great, and extra kudos to Shawn for managing to make it work.

Q: What do you hope people get out of the film?

I hope people think it’s funny, mostly.   We really tried to pay attention to detail, so I hope that people who enjoyed blaxploitation movies enjoy some of the references.   We wanted to make a movie that was pure, raw, exploitation entertainment, with no real agenda other than that.

Q: You and Michael also worked on the screenplay together (with Byron Minns).  What was that process like working on the script and how did it begin?

We worked independently for awhile.  I was writing a script, and Mike and Byron were working on a script.  Around page 60, we realized that my script was on the wrong track, and we focused on the one they were writing on.  A lot of my contributions came in the rewriting phase, but Mike and Byron were the ones who came up with the tone of the thing, and I think that made all the difference.

Q: What is your favorite scene and line from the film?

The last scene is my favorite, because this is a difficult movie to wrap up and finish, and I think the end works so I’m grateful for that. My favorite line is Bullhorn discussing waffles, declaring, “These buttery muthaf*ckas will melt in your mouth.”  It’s a completely random, which is probably why I like it.


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  • Reply Shemp

    3 interviews? You guys rock! Loved all the stuff about Jai Whites other movies!

    Can’t wait for black dynamite! Hope I can find it in theaters somewhere

    October 10, 2009 at 6:29 am
  • Reply Ben Sisko

    Great interview, cant wait to see this movie….it sounds like one to buy

    October 11, 2009 at 6:41 am
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