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Lions and Tigers and Vampires, oh my! This week we try to pin down some classic vampire movies, from some well known to hopefully some unknown, fun and cool flicks. Mike and Rovin join me, each picking three personal choices to share with you. We also talk about the newest kid on the block; Let The Right One In, the Swedish movie that has everybody talking.

With ten movies in total to review, (not count the myriads we drop in because we just can’t help ourselves) the episode went a bit long. Okay it went really long. So to help you guys navigate past movies you already know or don’t want to see, we’re adding in a time line so that you can just zip ahead to the films you want to hear about.

0:02:05   Shadow of the Vampire

0:05:45   Near Dark

0:10:37   Fearless Vampire Killers

0:15:45   Cronos

0:26:10   Fright Night

0:33:21   John Carpenter’s Vampires

0:43:41   Interview With A Vampire

0:52:52   Bram Stoker’s Dracula

0:59:40   The Breed

1:25:23   Let The Right One In

We drop a number of mini reviews and titles along way as well, some of which include; Lost Boys, Lifeforce, Innocent Blood, Insatiable, Underworld, Twilight, Dracula 2000, Blade and there are more if you can believe it!

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  • Reply James

    About Let the Right One In, there has been an issue over the translations between the theatrical and dvd release. Apparently, the subtitles for the dvd and blu ray releases have been “dumbed down.”

    I have seen the theatrical version and dug the movie, but after reading this article and seeing the comparisons between the two versions, I can see why people are getting pissed.

    September 23, 2009 at 2:23 am
  • Reply James

    BTW, Fright Night vampire Chris Sarandon was Susan Sarandon’s previous husband.

    September 23, 2009 at 4:15 am
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