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010 Inglourious Basterds Review


After being treated to a special screening of Quentin Tarantino‘s newest cinematic endeavor, topped off with an appearance by none other than Eli Roth, director of Cabin Fever and the Hostel movies and star of the flick, (he plays “the Bear Jew”) we had to sit down and talk shop about the movie. Everyone is waiting to see what the new QT movie is going to be like. Tune in and find out if genre master Tarantino has added war films to his list of conquests or if he dropped the ball.

You want more? That wasn’t a good enough enticement?

Okay, I’ll say that there are some phenominal performances and a cool cast but there are some possible problems with the film too. Alright, that’s all I’m saying, you gotta go listen now! I’m serious!

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